Proactive Sellers and Realistic Agents…

Two closings I had a couple of weeks ago were Short Sales where I represented the buyer for a change.  Interestingly enough, both sellers were proactive.  They knew all the parties involved wanted to achieve the same goal: Close.  That is why they allowed me to talk with their lenders on their behalf during the final stages due to the fact that their Listing Agents were not familiar with Short Sales.

Both of these short sales took less than 2 months to complete and close, and the attitude of one of the Listing Agents was great.  He knew that the only way to close was with my help.  He was open to learn, to listening to all the advice I gave him along the way, and to share with me all the difficulties he encountered during the process.  We solved them together, without ever failing to represent his client’s best interests.

I am working right now with another Listing Agent who does not have a clue about Short Sales, and her ignorance equals the size of her ego.  I’m sorry if that makes me sound rude or egotistical, but the truth is that I am not comfortable if someone else is playing with a Seller’s financial future. 

We are living through some tough times, but I think our values and ethics as Real Estate Agents needs to rise above any kind of personal need of the moment.  My advice for all agents who are getting involved with Short Sales is to learn the process, and the obstacles you might encounter, from a specialist before you play with someone else’s financial future.  If you do not feel savvy enough, be proactive.  Co-op with an agent who can share with you their knowledge and experience, or work with the buyer’s agent who has been through several of them and knows the ropes.  Use their experience to build your own.  The war of egos should be over, try to give your client the best service you would expect for yourself in their situation.

We can all work together in situations like this where we generate a win-win situation for everyone, not competing and starving each other.  Share your ideas for how we can cooperate in this fashion for everyone

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